Server status

Patch notes - November 16, 2023

Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on November 16, 2023 (Thu). Today’s patch is approximately 64MB.

Champions of Iberia

  • Increased the distance check for players around a respawn point from 64 units to 128.
  • Added a new system that if you have died so much from one team that you get locked for them, you will be forced to respawn at a random location the next time you die (7th death against a team in a row)
    • If the team happens to kill someone from another team and the lock gets lifted, you will no longer be forced to random respawn


  • "No cooldown" option now also works on item cooldowns
  • Added Gender/Race Change potions to Playground and tournaments


  • Improved movement synchronisation (most noticable when spamming N key or rotating with right mouse button)
  • Drastically improved jumping synchronisation
  • Added error message when anti-macro slow down is initiated
  • Rebranded "Cash Bolt" etc. to "Infinite Bolt" etc. and changed description to make it clearer what the item does
  • Assassin's "Fear" skill now gets executed quicker on female human

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where too quick auto attack loops would prevent you from using any other skills
  • Fixed an issue that allowed macro protection to be partially bypassed
  • Fixed issue where a push (like from archer's battle cry) would be cancelled if a stun ran out during the animation
  • Fixed an issue where dodging Hell flame with invisibility would not work sometimes
  • Fixed issue where TW defend quests would not properly finish
  • Fixed issue where TW attack quests would not properly finish sometimes

Cash Shop

  • Added "Evade Target - Level 4" for 199ms
    • This new item allows you to instantly unlock Evade Target at max. level