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Valentines 2024

Dear Community, 

celebrate with us this heart-warming time in Iberia as the air is filled with joyful scents. Share this precious time with your love-ones and friends

Lost Keys

[13.02 - 21.02]
Venture out to Iberia to find golden keys that might fill you with happiness.

During these days players can complete a Quest: Lost Keys that will reward them with Hearts made of Chocolate that contain:

  • Great Fortune

  • Speed potion            

  • Invisibility Potion

  • Gleaming Green Herbs

  • 200% Serendipity Potion

  • Essence of Fear

  • Rumapark's Crystal

  • Survival Tincture

  • Love Rocket

Valentines Coupon

[13.02 - 21.02]

Use code VALENTINES2024 to get 14 days +20 starter weapons.

To redeem the code, go to

Event Cash Shop

For a limited time only, you can buy Valentines themed items in the cash shop.

  • [NEW] Heart Rudolph
  • [NEW] Valentines Dress
  • [NEW] Mysterious Treasure Chest - Ardenmoth
  • [NEW] King/Queen Cloak
  • Heart Ratha Panda
  • Love Rocket
  • Charming Hairband