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Easter Event 2024

On this festive occasion of the Easter Celebrations, we have prepared several activities for you to enjoy Easter to the fullest - players can enjoy hunting and collecting carefully hidden colorfully painted eggs in Mossailen, helping Squirrels eliminate their natural enemies - Rabbits or finding out what psychopath has spread the painted dragon eggs around Ardir.

During these celebrations, players can complete 3 different Quests each day.

  • The big Heist
  • Eggs on the loose
  • Save the Easter

Easter Eggs shall be your reward for fulfilling these Quests, which drop the following items.

  • Survival Tincture
  • Arcane Reagent
  • Invisible Potion
  • Speed Potion
  • Almond Chocolate
  • Pure Spirit Water
  • Serendipity Potion 200%
  • Oil Soaked Material
  • Collection (1h)
  • Courageousness Potion
  • Gleaming Green Herbs
  • Quest 1.5x
  • Great Fortune


Be during those times and take part in a raffle, with some luck you can win some exclusive items!


20:00 - 5x Rabbit Hat

21:00 - 10x Mysterious Treasure Chest - McHoppity

22:00 - 5x Floppy Ears Costume



20:00 - 5x Chicken Hat

21:00 - 10x Mysterious Treasure Chest - McHoppity

22:00 - 5x Chicken Costume


New Item Shop

The following Easter themed items are now available for a limited only

  • Bouncing Bunny
  • Spots
  • Egg Ride
  • Mysterious Treasure Chest - McHoppity
  • Rabbit Hat
  • Floppy Ears Costume
  • Chicken Hat
  • Chicken Costume
  • Bunny Ears
  • Bunny Costume
  • Easter Hat

The farms

The Big Heist takes place on a new map made of Farms. To access this map you have to take a portal from Iberia Peace Zone.

Spring themed Arahur

It was about time for Arthur to undergo some changes as well. We decided to change Arahur so it reflects the Spring season.


Coupon Code

To celebrate the festivities, you can use code "EASTER2024" until 07.04.2024 to get a +20 Weapon set for 14 days.