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4Classic 2nd Birthday

2 Years of 4Classic. Can you imagine anything better? How about 2 Weeks of Events?!

New Item Shop

Check out the new Samurai Costume in the item shop for a limited time only!

Ready To Join The Fight!

available from 30.04. till 15.05. 

During the event period, players can use the coupon code "4CDAY" to receive +22 weapons and a jewel set for 14 days.

To redeem a coupon, navigate here:

Head of Warchief

(29.04 - 05.05)

In a world of endless conflict, the Warchief of the enemy faction rules with an iron fist from his fortified city. His army is relentless, and his power is unmatched. But rumors began to spread that the Warchief possesses a powerful artifact, capable of turning the tide of the war in his favor.

Join the band of adventurers, who seeks to end the conflict once and for all,  they hatched a plan to infiltrate the city and slay the Warchief. It will be a perilous journey, filled with danger at every turn. But the potential reward is too great to ignore.

Players who deal at least 1% damage to the Warchiefs will receive a reward.

In addition, priest skills in Keter & Markhut have changed to flag the player for PvP. 

10x Mysterious treasure of return

Custom Quest Line

(30.04 - 15.05)

The expedition, which had the task of discovering new places that had not yet been discovered, was a success! When a group of sailors were voyaging through the Mediterranean Sea they stumbled upon an island that was not on any map. The island was shrouded in mist, and they could only make out the outlines of rugged cliffs and thick forests. The sailors were intrigued and decided to explore the unknown land.

As they approached the shore, they were surprised to see a group of centaurs waiting for them. The sailors had heard of centaurs but had never seen them before. The centaurs were friendly and welcomed the sailors to their land, which they called the Veiled Isles.

The centaurs explained that their island had been hidden from the world for centuries, but now they needed the help of outsiders. The Veiled Isles had long been a peaceful and bountiful land, but lately, they had been beset by a mysterious illness. 

It was decided that another expedition would sail to the Veiled Isles to help out the Centaurs - an expedition that heroes like you will take part in.

During these celebrations, players can complete 12 different Quests each day to help out the Centaurs.

  • Friend of Centaurs
  • Old Spirits
  • Old Enemies
  • Goblin Invaders
  • Wolf Pack
  • Crab Population
  • On the Hunt
  • Bee Hives
  • Croc-Out
  • Farms in Danger!
  • Spirits of the Earth
  • Dragon Invasion

Veiled Isles Coin and Veiled Isle Treasure shall be your reward for fulfilling these Quests, which drop the following items.

  • Survival Tincture 
  • Arcane Reagent
  • Invisible Potion
  • Speed potion
  • Chocolate
  • Pure spirit water
  • Serendipity Potion 200%
  • Oil Soaked Material
  • Collection (1h)
  • Courageousness Potion
  • Gleaming Green Herbs
  • Quest 1.5
  • Endendros Coin
  • Great Fortune
  • Warlord Weapon Skin Treasure


Players can complete up to 9 Challenges once a week. 

  • [Challenge] Spirit of the Forest
  • [Challenge] Lost Children
  • [Challenge] Ekimon
  • [Challenge] Bee Queen
  • [Challenge] Baron Mollek
  • [Challenge] Benotaur
  • [Challenge] Ostrich king
  • [Challenge] Snake Queen
  • [Challenge] Lost Ring

Challengers Veiled Isle Treasure shall be your reward for fulfilling these Quests, which drop the following items.
  • Veiled Isles Coin
  • Warlord Weapon Skin Treasure

World Bosses

From 30.04. players might find two additional world bosses in Iberia - Scorcher & Torima. Those World Bosses can be found every day roaming the streets in Ardir or Veiled Isle.
Challengers Veiled Isle Treasure shall be the reward to any Hero that manages to deal at least 1% damage to the bosses. 

Skin Crafting

Players can create new weapon skins by using the Veiled Isles Coin, as well as the new and long anticipated "Goku Costume"!