Server status

Patch notes - June 06, 2024


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on June 06, 2024 (Thu). Today’s patch is approximately 69MB.

New Shop Items

  • Added Country Cloaks, available for the month of June only
  • Added Unlimited Race/Gender/Hair Style/Hair Color Change (30 days), as well as a bundle containing all 4 for a 25% discount
  • Increased "Medium Luck" price from 19ms to 25ms


  • Reworked drop system
    • Every player now has their own loot pool inside monsters. This means that drop buffs now only apply to you and are no longer shared between the players of the group
  • Added a dungeon bag system. Special items, such as Goddess Tears, are added to the dungeon bag and are released to the player after you kill the final Marduk stage.
  • Removed Portal block system completely.
  • Removed Portal costs to Marduk
  • Removed Gold reward from Marduk quest
  • Reduced base drop chance from 50% to 25%
  • Blessing of Salreon now only grants a 10% drop buff in Marduk (25% -> 35%)
  • Quest will now be finished even if players are far away from the Monsters (i.e. when dead)

Champions of Iberia

  • Reworked Monster Spawn System
    • The monster spawn system now tries to create a certain amount of distance between the same and different types of monsters, in order to distribute them more evenly across the map and to prevent hot spots.
  • Reworked Player Spawn System
    • The system will now search for an area furthest away from any enemy players up to a certain threshold
  • Reworked "Enemy nearby" notification system
  • Chest and Leg Armour is now only increased to +21. In the following weeks, the remained of the armour pieces will follow.
  • Weekend 14:00 time slot has been changed from Team to Solo


  • Reworked Spawn System
    • Added new option "Team Spawn", which will spawn you at the closest member of your Team that is not dead and a certain radius away from enemy players
    • Added new option "Group Spawn", which will spawn you at the closest member of your group that is not dead and a certain radius away from enemy players. If none can be found, the option will automatically switch to "Team Spawn".
    • If both options fail, you will be respawned at your home base
    • Removed "Spawn at leader" option


  • Added search bar to guild member overview
  • Added possibility to order guild members by name, class, etc.
  • Added new "Comment" header which can be set by either the guild masters or the player.
  • Added 4 new guild titles, available from level 10.
    • Captain
    • Major
    • Colonel
    • General


  • (Experimental) Reworked Miss System
    • A miss will now still apply an effect to enemies, however damage will be reduced to 10% of the original.
    • Our goal with this is to make combos and DPS more consistent
  • Moved Warlord Statue in Peacezone to a more central place

  • Upgrading items does no longer increase its sale price at the NPC

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Monster bag UI wouldnt update after looting its content
  • Fixed statues not showing a guilds custom logo
  • Fixed statues not showing the correct gender/race/etc. sometimes
  • Fixed statues not showing cloak and 1handed weapons
  • Fixed the saving and reset of Admin and Upgrade Chat
  • Crafting PVP daggers now takes the correct amount of essences