Server status

Patch notes - June 24, 2024

Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on June 24, 2024 (Mon).

Item Shop

  • Changed "Advanced Remote Shop" Price from 249 to 299ms
  • Added new "Remote Shop Slot Extension (+12)" item for 299ms. You can use this unlimitedly.
  • Summer Themed Items are back for a limited time (17.07.2024)
    • Mysterious Treasure Chest - Sunwarmed Furline
    • Bee Mount
    • Mirhur Swimwear
    • Tebekut Swimwear
    • Kokuma Swimwear
    • Snorkel
    • Flamingo
    • Aquatic Flamingo (NEW)
    • Flamin` Flamingo (NEW)

Territory Conquest Balancing

  • The balancing System has been reworked. We have now moved from a Stage based System to a System that can be adjusted individually.
  • This means that every single balancing buff or debuff can now be switched on and off depending on the current balance of the battle.
  • To view the current Buff/Debuff info, hover over the "Territory Conquest Balancing" text below your Honor during the war time

Champions of Iberia

  • Increased range for invisible Player notification has been increased from 30m to 40m
  • Increased death Penalty from 2 to 3 Points
  • Team Lock Notification is now being sent to every Player of a Team instead of only the Killer
  • Fixed a bug where the forced respawn would only trigger after killing a Team 7 times in a row instead of 6

Black Market

A new black market NPC has appeared in the Iberian Peace Zone. You can now buy the all new "Rescue Collection" Effect Change scrolls in Exchange for Survival Tinctures and Magic Ink's.

Class Balancing

  • Priest
    • Priests playing with Gantha can now block physical hits. However, only 25% of the magical defense will be used upon a block.


  • Added new Option to Hide Upgrade Chat Notification below a certain item Level
  • Added new Option to increase Buff/Debuff Bar length to up to 30 Slots
  • Added Upgrade and Admin Chat to Transparency Settings
  • Added a keybind for selecting a random mount everytime you mount
  • Fixed a bug where Transparency Settings would not apply to some interfaces after a game Restart


  • Added slide to confirm to cleansing items/refinements if it has red Options
  • You can no longer join a Playground Lobby if you are queued up for a battle mode
  • You can no longer Queue up for a battle mode while inside a Playground Lobby
  • You can no longer use Teleport Stone in Territory Conquest Areas
  • AoE Skills now have a 60s cooldown inside Battle of Iberia
  • All magical classes now have 2 reserved inventory Slots for Wand and Gantha
  • Reverted Change that items with higher Levels sell for the same Price as the Default Level
  • Items with an upgrade Level Above 0 can no longer be sold to the NPC
  • Changed some item/skill infos

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug on DirectX 12 that caused Chats to be forcefully moved to the top of the screen after a relog
  • Potential fix for crash after receiving "Failed to download custom logo" error
  • Fixed issue wehre Skygarden map would appear after a death