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On 4Classic you have the possibility to relive the glory days of 4Story.
Enjoy a vast open world full of mystery and danger.
Choose between valorian and derion to support them in the neverending war.
Dwelve in nostalgia while running through the old story line.

Battle of Iberia

Join the battle of iberia daily and bring glory to your kingdom.
The goal of this mode is to kill as many of the boss monsters as possible.
The kingdom with the most kills at the end of the game, wins.

Mission War

Join the mission war taking place in different mission war zones.
A huge battle between the kingdoms where the sole objective is to kill the enemy guard.


Create your own tournament and invite your friends to practice and have fun.
All items are equalized and potions are supplied for the ultimate battle.
To create a playground lobby, visit the tournament Npc.

Monster invasion

Go on a hunt with your friends and try to slaughter as many scorpions as you can find.
But beware, enemies are nearby!
Rewards are earned based on how many monsters are killed by the end of the event.

Capture the Flag

A classic capture the flag mode in 4Story.
Capture your enemies' flag and bring it back to yours.
First to reach 5 flags wins the game.

Battle tokens

Gather battle tokens by participating in different battle modes.
Exchange them daily for a +20% drop chance buff.

Equalized tournaments

Compete against enemies without worrying about unfair advantages.
Gear and levels are equalized during monthly and daily tournaments.
Additionally, you are supplied with all necessary potions.

Modern technology

4Classic is running on modern hardware, utilizing DirectX 12 as the rendering layer.
This update offers a huge performance improvement in comparison to the now obsolete DirectX 9.
Both rendering APIs are offered and can be changed in the game settings.


4Classic has 12 different translations available that you can change in the ingame settings.
Choose between: