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YouTube Event winners

The winners for the YouTube Event have been decided.

  1. Guide by Hutzsi -
  2. Liese X Help X Teiwaz X X1N | MONTAGE -
  3. Marten Montage ft. r4n -
  4. Celtic Montage V2 -
  5. Montage - xxLimited x Mori x Clunk -
  6. Showman -
  7. Yahiiko montage #1 -
  8. #2 QUEEN -
  9. Patrisson/Needy -
  10. Jarbato -
  11. How Luck0r tries to manipulate us! -

Congratulations to all the winners!

Additionally, we have decided to reward the first 3 winners with a chance to create their own custom cloak! First place gets an additional 200 moonstones as a compensation.
If you are one of the winners, please reply to your event submission ticket with the design you would like to see on the cloak.
The dimensions for the cloak are 111x493, file type PNG.