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Halloween 2022

Dear community,

Spooky time has arrived in Iberia and the festivities are underway! Celebrate with us this holiday with pumpkin bombing, undead slaying, and more!

Custom Quest Line

available from 27.10.2022 till 10.11.2022


Adventurer, our kingdom is imperiled! - The gate to the Underworld has opened up as a result of your actions against the Titan of the Sea during the Battle of the Merlion and now the army of the dead wander around spreading fear all over our inhabitants' cozy homes. Our capital city has already suffered an attack from them which we managed to repel, but it's getting worse! Our council urges to regroup all of our strongest soldiers so that we can stop the Undead before they kill us all. We have already sent some of our soldiers to take back control of the gate and only a few were able to come back alive, they have informed us that the City of Ploutonion fell into the Undead hands. This is no time to chitchat, venture out to the Ploutonion and take back control over the City. 

For fourteen days you will be able to complete ten daily quests.

  1. Invasion Begins

  2. Saving the Siege

  3. Abomination

  4. The Dark Triad

  5. Scream of the Banshee

  6. Phantonoia 

  7. Walking Dead

  8. Smash the Pumpkin

  9. Boneless
  10. King of the Pumpkins

Halloween Kettle and Dark Essence shall be your reward for fulfilling those quests. Players can use Dark Essences for crafting new Halloween-exclusive weapon skins.

In Halloween Kettle can players find valuable items such as:

  • Survival Tincture             

  • Arcane Reagent            

  • Invisible Potion            

  • Speed potion            

  • Chocolate            

  • Pure spirit water            

  • Serendipity Potion 200%            

  • Oil Soaked Material            

  • Collection (1h)            

  • Courageousness Potion            

  • Gleaming Green Herbs            

  • Quest 1.5            

  • Great Fortune            

  • Magic Broom

NPCs with Quests and with all of the new craftable weapon skins can be found in the Iberia Peace zone.

Due to recent events, players can discover the new map Ploutonion - to access this new PvP zone players have to take a portal from the Iberia Peace zone. 


Ready to join the fight

available from 27.10.2022 till 10.11.2022 

During the event period, players can use the the coupon HALLOWEEN2022 to receive +20 weapons for 14 days.

To redeem a coupon, navigate here:


Halloween Item Shop

available from 27.10.2022 till 14.11.2022

  • Mounts
    • Armored Bloodwing
    • Deathtush Felboar
    • Rat
    • Miracle Broom
  • Costumes
    • Vampire Costume
    • Vampire Mask
    • Plague Mask
    • Samurai Mask
    • Opera Mask from Beijing
    • Hahoe Mask
    • Venetian Mask

Halloween Experience Event

available from 27.10.2022 till 10.11.2022

Monster and Quest EXP is increased by 100% throughout the event period.

Burning Pumpkin

Players can find an NPC that gives them the ability to throw burning pumpkins in the Iberia Peace zone. Players can create unlimited Burning Pumpkins for 5x Magic Ink - however, those pumpkins will disappear after 10.11.

Halloween Themed Iberia

Iberia plunged into darkness. Players can now enjoy Iberia in a spooky spirit during the Halloween celebrations.