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Christmas Events 2022

Dear community,

Christmas time has arrived in Iberia, celebrate with us this festive time of year during which players can sample delicious festive eggnog, toss snowballs, and receive unique Christmas gifts!

Custom Questline

[26.12 - 09.01]
Dark times are upon us even during this festive season. The kingdom is in chaos as undead creatures find their way thru the open gate. We might have won the battle for the city of Ploutonion, but the gate to the Underworld was never closed and might never be. It is for this reason the King has ruled to prepare all available troops for the upcoming battle. We don't know what awaits us on the other side as no living creature ever went to the underworld before. We can only hope we will find there a way to close the gate. 


[19.12 - 09.01]
During these snowy days, players can look forward to a little Christmas present that will find its way to their mailbox every odd hour while being online.

Christmas present contains: 
Invisible Potion
Speed potion
Almond chocolate
Chocolate Rudolf
White chocolate
Courageousness Potion
Survival Tincture
Red Nose Rudolph


24.12 - 20:00
8x - Father Christmas Costume
4x Christmas Serpent

25.12 - 20:00
6x - Christmas Spirits Mask

31.12 - 20:00
6x - Reindeer Cap

01.01. - 20:00
4x Snowmobile

07.01 - 20:00
6x - Worn out christmas Beanie

08.01 - 20:00
6x - Christmas Beanie

Winters Blessing

[19.12. - 09.01]
00:01 - 23:59 +200% Experience

Stolen Christmas Presents

[19.12. - 26.12]
One of the Santas Little Helpers went rogue! He stole all the presents and hid in the enemy Kingdom! Heroes, venture out to the enemy main city, localize the Imp and bring back the stolen presents! 

Christmas Miracle 

[19.12 - 26.12]
After using a Christmas Miracle players will receive 20% item drop bonus for 1h - you get one Christmas Miracle per day after being connected to the game for at least 1 hour. 

Ready to join the fight!

[19.12. - 09.01]
Players can use a coupon 4ClassicXmas to receive +20 weapons for 14 days.
To redeem a coupon, go here:

Hot Drink

To keep you warm in these frigid temperatures, players have the option to purchase a hot Eggnog in each capital city. Drinking Eggnog will provide your character with small stat boosts. Eggnog will however run out of date and become spoiled after 09.01. 

Christmas themed-item shop

1 - Christmas Costume Set
2 - Cute Christmas Costume Set
3 - Grinch Costume Set
4 - Christmas Spirits Mask
5 - Reindeer Cap

1 - Snowmobile
2 - Winter Serpent
3 - Vulpine Familiar
4 - A secret mount, soon to be announced! 


Players can find an NPC that gives them the ability to throw snowballs in the main cities. Players can create an unlimited amount of snowballs however, those will disappear on 09.01.2023.

Christmas Themed Cities