Server status

Patch notes - January 1, 2023

Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on January 2, 2023 (Mon). Today’s patch is approximately 7.73MB.


The beoled Arena system has finally been added to 4Classic. You can now enjoy 3vs3 battles in the Iberian Peace Zone.

  • Gear is set to +22
  • Potions are not usable
  • Mount is usable
  • The ranking resets after every server restart

Class Balancing

  • Warrior
    • Speed Boosts from Stances are now disabled on Tournament maps
  • Priest
    • Dignified Suffering now has a duration of 20 seconds in Battle Modes (BoI, CTF)


  • Rudolph is now tradeable
  • Deleting/Selling Metamorphisis Potion no longer requires additional confirmation
  • Metamorphisis Potions are now sold via the "Sell Trash" button
  • You can now eliminate the "Blessing of Salreon" buff manually
  • You can now ignore players of the enemy kingdom by right clicking them
  • Ignoring a player hides their comments now
  • Removed Raven sound from tournament maps
  • Increased maximum target for AoE skills from 16 to 28
  • Dignified Suffering is now displayed at the front of the buff bar

Bug fixes

  • You can now use Almond Chocolate while being full HP
  • You will no longer be stuck in place when being transformed to a squirrel
  • Fixed effect size
  • Opening Tears with "Unsealing Potion" will play the sound only once now
  • Rudolphs/Father Christmas Costume from the Raffle are now permanent
  • Buffs/Debuffs will now apply properly when using the same type a second before it ends.