Server status

Patch notes - January 28, 2023

Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on January 28, 2023 (Sat). Today’s patch is approximately 45.5MB.


To combat Assassins' dominance in Falkenhain Tournament, we have made some changes to distribute this title more fairly. Additionally, changes have been made to hopefully increase daily tournament activity.

  • "Falkenhain's Avatar" tournament has been changed to a 3vs3 group tournament
    • You can't have 3 times the same class in your team
    • Rewards are +23 Avatar weapons
  • Daily tournaments have been changed
    • Scheduled as following Mon - Warrior, Tue - Assassin, Wed - Archer, Thu - Magician, Fri - Priest and Evo, Sat - 3vs3, Sunday - 7vs7
    • The players with the most wins at the start of the Avatar Elite registration, are rewarded with an Elite slot.
    • Slots are limited to the type of tournament, meaning a Warrior Elite slot will not work on Falkenhain registration
    • To combat Elite slot inflation, only the top 9 ranking players are rewarded with a slot, instead of 11
    • Elite Tournament winners are rewarded with a unique 7 day costume
  • Tournament weapons now expire on the day the monthly tournament elite registration starts

Class changes

  • Evocator
    • The speed of the pet no longer slows down when targeting an enemy
    • Whip has been changed to increase speed to an absolute of 200% at max. level
    • Reduced cooldown of "Blockade" from 34s to 25s
  • Assassin
    • Merciless hit can now be used with no requirement
    • Poison initial hit now has a 100% hit chance
    • Fixed issue when stunning players that are mounted
  • Warrior
    • "Armor break" now has the same animation on Axe as on Two-handed weapons
    • Movement speed nerf no longer applies during solo tournaments
  • Priest
    • Bird skill now works in arena

Battle Mode

  • World boss
    • Fixed respawns
      • World boss respawns are now only active during the battle
    • You can now use the respawn NPC to get buffs
  • Battle of Iberia
    • Removed Tarat map
    • Added back Highlands map in night time mode
    • Added back Bina map
  • General
    • Fixed safezones
    • Non-special buffs now get cleared when entering a mode
    • You can no longer use Metamorphosis potions in battle modes

Level Rewards

Level rewards have been adjusted so that players have an easier time in the earlier stages of the game.

  • Level 20
    • Added +11 Lv. 34 weapon
  • Level 25
    • Added +10 Lv. 25 armor
  • Level 30
    • Added +15 Lv. 34 weapon
  • Level 35
    • Added 7 days Saddle
  • Lv. 60
    • Added 3 days Fallen Protection
  • Level 65
    • Added 3 days Unlimited HP/MP Potion
  • Level 75
    • Added 3 days Speed Potion
  • Level 90
    • Added 3 days Travelling Salesman
  • General
    • Cash Items are no longer tradeable or moveable between characters


  • Added automatic accept of Evade Target quests
  • Evade Target quests are now highlighted
  • You can now respawn at NPCs by double clicking them
  • You can no longer Inspect private shops

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some instances where "Sell Trash" sold red items
  • Fixed a bug where changing Race/Gender/Name in battle modes would not save
  • Fixed a bug with "Show Saddle" button not working
  • Fixed a bug with "Delete Effect" button for mounts not working
  • Fixed a bug where you couldnt join Arena with enemies in your group