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Champions of Iberia YouTube Event

Deadline: 20.04.2023

How to participate?

  • Create a video about 4Classic
  • Upload it to YouTube (must be public)
  • Create a ticket with the title "YouTube Event"

Click here to navigate to the ticket system


  • Minimum length of 02:30 minutes
  • Content must be primarly about Champions of Iberia
  • The title of the video must include "4Classic 4Story"
  • The video description must contain the following text:
    • Join the fight on the best old school 4story server on

Accepted video formats

  • PVP video
  • Server/Mode showcase
  • Meme videos
  • Cinematics/Story telling#
  • Anything unique you may come up with!

Winners will be chosen by the team based on several categories such as:

  • Entertainment
  • Quiality & Effort
  • Creativity


  • 1st place: 900 Moonstones + Custom cloak that you can design*
  • 2nd place: 700 Moonstones + Custom cloak that you can design*
  • 3rd place: 500 Moonstones + CUstom cloak that you can design*
  • 4th place: 400 Moonstones
  • 5th place: 300 Moonstones
  • 6th - 10th place: 200 Moonstones

*Your custom cloak design must comply with the rules.