Server status

Hotfix - May 02, 2023

Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on May 02, 2023 (Tue). Today’s patch is approximately 37MB.

Champions of Iberia

  • Tarat
    • Decreased map size, changed some layouts
    • Adjusted monster spawns
    • Adjusted player respawns
    • Fixed spawn position for the 2nd place
  • Fixed issue that caused Evocator pets to show 0 HP

Battle of Iberia

  • Adjusted Bina (Large) Map
  • Fixed a bug that caused resets to initiate too early
  • Fixed issue that caused players to be stuck in teleport after the battle ends

Bug fixes

  • Fixed mount cooldown on DirectX 12 client
  • (Experimental) Fixed issue with position reset when dismounting by using a skill
  • Fixed Document 10 teleport
  • Fixed missing respawn NPCs for the enemies in Markut/Keter
  • Fixed missing respawn NPC for Valorian on World Boss
  • Fixed Territory Conquest teleports, they are now available from 20:30 till 21:33