Server status

Patch notes - March 13, 2024


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on March 13, 2024 (Wed). Today’s patch is approximately 51MB.

New Shop Items

We are happy to announce that we are the first and only server that is now capable of creating completely custom skins for the game. To celebrate this milestone, we have added some of the most requested items, available in the shop for the next 30 days.

  • Pendatron's Set (GM costume!)
  • Kitty Gaming Headset (Pink/Black/White)
  • Alpaca Mount

Marduk Rework

In the heart of a treacherous volcano, the malevolent Marduk reigns supreme over a realm of danger and despair, awakening from a deep slumber to resume his tyranny with powers that command the earth and darken the skies. His dominion, a fortress within the volcanic abyss, not only shields him from adversaries but also cripples the magic of Iberia's heroes, empowering his dark minions.

  • Reworked drops of all monsters inside the dungeon. You now drop a lot more Goddess Tears'
  • Increased damage, HP and defense of all monsters.
  • Bosses now have 4 new special projectile skills that can be distinguished visually.
    • Large skill blockade (AoE)
    • Chaos Arrow/Debuff (AoE)
    • Destroy Armor (AoE)
    • 1 Shot (Single target)
  • Added new debuff called "Marduk's Dreadful Aura", which gives players a 30% armor and 20% damage reduction. This debuff is applied to all classes except Archer and Evocator
  • Some skills cooldowns and stats have been adjusted
    • Magician
      • Flame Shackle duration increased from 10 → 12 seconds and deals 25dps
      • Flame Shot damage increased from 221 → 450
      • Merciless Attack damage increased from 275 → 500
      • Pillar of Lava damage increased from 220% → 350%
      • Flame Missiles damage increased from 6x35% → 6x 50%
      • Fire Curse damage increased from 81 → 129
        and duration increased from 8s → 12s
      • Absorbing Flame debuff increased from 54 → 114
      • Rumaparks Retribution damage increased from 600% → 1000%
      • Freeze duration decreased from 7 → 2 seconds
      • Captivating whirlwind duration decreased from 7 → 3 seconds
      • Ice Rain aoe damage reduced from 55% → 25%
      • Aura of Iciness aoe damage reduced from 40% → 20%
      • Ice Storm aoe damage reduced from 80% → 40%
      • Icy Air aoe damage reduced from 80% → 35%
    • Warrior
      • Battle Cry has no effect
      • Hell Whirl has no effect
      • Anaesthesia has no effect
      • Defence Stance bonus armor increased from 120% → 180%
      • Sublime Vision range adjusted to 50ft
    • Nightwalker
      • Fear has no effect
      • Auto attack is AoE
    • Evocator
      • God Spirit dies when summoned
      • Dark Demon affected by +20% HP, armor and damage
      • Dark Crystal HP increased from 5736 → 55000
    • Priest
      • Sanctuary has no effect
      • Rekamies helping hand has no effect
      • Revival has no effect
      • Dignified Suffering has no effect
      • Cure cooldown decreased from 16s → 8s
      • Group Healing cooldown decreased from 24 seconds → 12 seconds
      • Sacrafice cooldown decreased from 12minutes → 2:52 minutes
  • Marduk's quest has been changed to include all Bosses to fullfil, in order to prevent skipping.
  • Marduk's quest is now being accepted and finished automatically when joining and leaving the dungeon.
  • Changed Marduk's Essence drop

Infinite HP Potion

A new Infinite HP Potion has been added to Alchemists to craft.

  • Recovers 2000 HP
  • Can be used in conjuction with 4800 HP Potions, but not with other 2000 HP potions
  • Once crafted can never run out
  • Items required to craft can be gathered throughout various activities in the game, such as Battle Modes, Marduks, Arahur and more. All Chests containing these new items have new versions, so old chests can't be used to craft these items early.

Custom Guild Logo

  • It is now possible to create custom logos for your guild straight from the game.
  • Added new "Custom Logo" option to the guild summary UI, which can be accessed by every player in the guild. However, only the guild master is able to create the logo for the guild.
  • To create a logo, you need to place a .png file called "guild.png" into your game folder, for example C:/Games/4Classic. The image has to be 512x512 in size.
  • Requirements to create a logo are as following:
    • Normal Guild Logo
    • 25.000 monthly guild honor
  • Costs to create a logo are as following
    • 30 Gold in the guild
    • 10.000 Achievement Points
  • The logo is available for 31 days and can't be changed during that period. After 31 days, you can renew it, but requirements and costs still apply.

New Iberian Peace Zone

A new reworked Peace Zone is being introduced with this patch, alongside some new features that can be found on this map.


Hall of Fame Statue

To honor the best players of Iberia, statues of all current months Hall of Fame players are displayed in the center of the Iberian Peace Zone.



  • Added setting to lock skills in hotkey bar. When this option is active, you can't move skills in your hotkey bar.
  • Added Sensitivity setting to adjust speed of camera movement.
  • Added "Disable Cam Reset" setting. This option prevents the auto adjustment of your camera while moving. Additionally, an optional keybind has been added to toggle this setting on and off.


  • UI Positions now reset if you change your UI scale
  • Changed "Cash Deposit" item name to "Cash Deposit Extension (+30)"
  • Skinning a cloak will now reset the color of it.
  • UI scale no longer resets when you reset your settings to default.
  • Prices in Territory Conquest areas have been increased. 
  • It now costs 4 silver to teleport through areas in Territory Conquest areas
  • Improved random chance generation for opening chests/tears
  • Changed drop system when in groups. The extra drop chance through Large Luck etc. now gets added up and divided by the amount of members in the group.
  • Limited time cash shop items are now always displayed at the top of the category
  • Mount debuff can now be cleansed if no other debuff is currently present
  • Replaced 14:00 Monster Invasion with Team Champions of Iberia on Saturdays and Sundays

Bug fixes

  • Fixed World Boss Daily Quest
  • Fixed Eclipse Shield showing the wrong model
  • You can no longer drag & drop Cash Deposit extensions on bag slots
  • Fixed the possibility to Copy & Paste multi line comments
  • Fixed battle mode afk system taking players into account that did not register to Mission War
  • Fixed Skin extraction scroll not working on dungeon items
  • Fixed Territory Conquest Balancing impacting Mission war bosses
  • Fixed not being able to support Territory Conquest Guards as the weaker country
  • Fixed Queens cloak displaying as Kings cloak on some classes
  • Fixed some cloaks being invisible from the front
  • Fixed some incorrect skill stat infos
  • Fixed some ways to bug through the map to get to the Territory Conquest guards.
  • Fixed Skygarden/Tournament UI displaying on DirectX 12 client on some configurations
  • Fixed Capybara's missing animations
  • Fixed Auction House price desync with Remote Shops
  • Pasting text to number only inputs will take limits into account now (i.e. 999 for silver)
  • Fixed the possibility to cast skills invisible for the enemy by using the mount
  • Fixed the possibility to overcast no-cast skills by mounting
  • Fixed the possibility to overwrite skills by casting two at once