Server status

Patch notes - December 19, 2022

Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on December 19, 2022 (Mon). Today’s patch is approximately 27.7MB.


  • Enabled Christmas Event, for more information click here


  • Added text to item info that indicates when an item can be Inspected
  • Buying multiple items from the cash shop now stacks them automatically
  • Moved World Boss to 21:40. Registration starts right as the Territory Conquest ends.
  • Invisible Cloak is now tradeable

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Draw Distances default settings
  • Fixed Inspect for "Formula of Transformation"
  • Fixed respawn during World Boss
  • Fixed Tarat BOI Minimap

Cash Shop

  • Added Christmas themed mounts and costumes