Server status

Patch notes - March 16, 2023

Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for 4Classic 4Story on March 16, 2023 (Thu). Today’s patch is approximately 74.8MB.

Champions of Iberia

After a long waiting period, Champions of Iberia, a new 3vsX team based game mode, has arrived to 4Classic!

For all the details on Champions of Iberia, please refer to the following article:

Territory Conquest

  • To even the opportunities for both attackers and defenders, some of the Portal locations have been moved in all territory conquest areas
  • "Summoning Scroll" and "Teleport Scroll" can no longer be used on players that are inside Territory Conquest areas.

Class Changes

  • Warrior
    • Fixed issue where using auto-attack would not cancel invisibility
  • Evocator
    • Fixed issue with "Whip" skill, where only 200% absolute speed would be applied to the pet, instead of 250%


  • Added setting "Low AOE effects" which renders all AOEs at the lowest setting possible, to improve clarity in mass PVP scenarios
  • Added setting "Disable mount queue"
  • (Experimental) Added setting "Uncap Logic (Experimental), which uncaps camera movement and game logic. This should result in smoother gameplay. If you notice any issues when using this setting, please report to the 4Classic team
  • Some UI interactions are now possible while being CC'd
  • You can now tab/click on players while being CC'd
  • (Experimental) you can now walk up steeper surfaces (for example mountains)
  • Skills can no longer be cancelled from the skill queue
  • Slightly improved AFK kick protection in game modes, expanded them to all game modes (excluding World boss)
    • Further improvements are scheduled for the next patches
  • Disabled Metamorphosis potion in Castles

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where you would get Battle tokens outside of Territory Conquest maps
  • Fixed server lag at 00:00
  • Fixed issue with new tournament elite system where elites would get cleared after a server restart during the registration process
  • Fixed issue with tournament elite letters saying the wrong class
  • Fixed issue where Cash Deposit extension would show 0 slots.
  • Fixed issue where using 300% Serendipity potion would still trigger the warning window
  • Fixed issue where moving a skill in your skillbar would activate them
  • Fixed issue with battle mode invites always displaying "Battle of Iberia"
  • Fixed issue where you could not unlock your secure code in Battle of Iberia and Capture the Flag
  • Fixed issue where dodging before a no target shield would make the player targetable again
  • Fixed issue with display of "Skill Unlock", "Dodge Unlock" and "Dungeon Quest line" quests
  • Fixed issue with "Disable skill queue" setting not working properly
  • Fixed issue where you could not place "Battle Token" in your cash deposit when dragging it